This is out on Natham Road past CESCI about 25km from Madurai. For the week that I was at CESCI I would ride out this way on my hero cycle everyday to the village of Vembarali. This was all arranged by the UW-Madison program and CESCI staff. The idea was to get us acquainted with going out on our own and asking fieldwork research questions. You see, all of us program participants have a project we're working on for college credit while we're out here in India. These projects are usually interview-based 60-100 page research papers. I'm writing and illustrating a story though and not doing a fieldwork project. Hence (<-- research paper word) there wasn't any pressure for me to ask anybody anything in particular. In Vembarali most of the men are employed as mango harvesters. Mangos are only in season for 4 months out of the year. Therefore (<-- another research paper word) when I showed up the boys were just hanging out and playing 13-card rummy.