Front: Mr. Vasant Pradhan, Neha Desai, Mrs. Vasanti Pradhan
Back: Mrs. Smita Desai, Dr. Mahesh Desai

I stayed with the Pradhan family when I was in Bombay. At the tourist office I got a list of families that house foreign travelers. The trusty rusty Lonely Planet recommended the Pradhans oddly enough, and they were the first folks I called.

The Pradhans more or less adopted me for the four days I was in Bombay. I slept in a spare room they had and ate most of my meals with them. After a long day of walking all over Mumbai, I would talk with Mr. Pradhan, a retired police commissioner, and play with his granddaughter Neha, the most adorable spoiled brat on the planet. It was nice to be part of their family.

If you go to Bombay you oughta consider staying with the Pradhan family. You can contact them at the following address and telephone number:

406, Shalaka
Maharshi Karve Road
Mumbai - 400021

tel: (022) 2022445, (022) 2029040