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I spent December traveling through in India. I was officially cultural shocked
I bounced around from city to city on overnight trains and buses. I would spend a couple three days in one place and move on. The route was this: Madurai to Bangalore to Mysore to Hyderabad to Pune to Bombay to Ahemdabad to Udaipur to Jaipur back to Madurai via a New Year's in the former French colony of Pondicherry.
The differences between where I've lived in the US and Madurai are fairly substantial, but I've always had friends around who can speak a language I can speak, or at least people who speak English, or will tolerate my Tamil, or at rockbottom, I always have my walkman.
Travelling alone was rough. I got sick. It was cold. And to top it all off a couple weeks into the trip my walkman fell from the upper birth of a second-class three-tier sleeper on the train and busted. But, I got to see some amazing/amusing sights, meet some interesting people, and learn about more about my only area of expertise, me.
I also took lots of pictures. I hope you enjoy.