Abby enrolled in a 4-day intensive course at AIPM during her stay in Hyderabad. There she learned how to "manage her personality." Since then, she watches an average of 6 hours of television a day, and is constantly working on, as she puts it, getting more stuff. On a steady diet of fast food and microwavable meals, not to mention avoiding physical exercise at all costs, Abby has gained 187 pounds in a less than as many days. Before AIPM changed her life, she didn't own a single handgun, now she has 17 and carries at least 10 with her at all times. Realizing the importance of spirituality, Abby has also purchased in excess of 9 gallons Sri Sri Guru Swami's cure-all soul tonic. Abby is considering entering a degree course at the American Institute of Personality Management, where she would major in child neglect and minor in being a closet racist.