Anything I say about this serene scene would take away from the beauty of a plump goat by the ocean. So I'll just cut my losses, and stop right here. There's no point in me carrying on. Like I said, everything you need to know is right here in the picture, or in the alt tag, cause I'll write "A goat by the ocean in Pondicherry", or something like that and if you put your mouse over it for a couple of seconds the message will pop out and you'll know where this picture came from. There's no reason for me to keep rambling about it. I hope you like this picture though. I never really put goats and oceans together in my mind. When I think of the ocean I usually think of animals like fish or octopi, maybe even mermaids like from the Disney movie, not goats. This image expanded my horizons a little. I now can conceive the two together, goats and the ocean that is. Than the coconut comes in and casts a whole new light on the situation. Do you see the coconut on the bottom right. That's wild, huh? A goat + an ocean + a coconut. Never would I have put those three together. It's the Bay of Bengal. Kevin lost a Frisbee in the Bay of Bengal. That was way back in August in Mahabalipurum. It was my fault really. It was bad throw. Maybe the Frisbee washed ashore here and the goat ate it. Maybe that's how he got so plump. That would be a really tragic twist to the tale, if this plump goat by the ocean ate some nondigestible plastic throwing disk and now he's looking at that coconut and thinking, "I'd eat you too, but I've been blocked up ever since I ate that blasted Frisbee." Man, I feel terrible.