Kaveman's Story
Well hello cyberspace! This is Kevin M. Cullen number 9 of 12 children born into a traditional Irish Catholic family on the 6th of June 1979 in a small hospital on Temple Street in Dublin, Ireland. My brief synopsis is as follows. Moved to the States in 1991. Adapted to the norms of rural community in the North Woods of Wisconsin (Spirit). While there enjoyed the typical high school life of athletics (endurance running) and sex drugs and rock n' roll. Oh yeah and a socially acceptable education in the meantime. Soon it was time to fly the coop and that migratory process landed me in Madison (Wisconsin's capital city). There I began studying a variety of liberal arts subjects and finally nailed down my present field of interest Ethno Archeology. So why India? I chose to come to India and Madurai specifically through the advice of both loved ones and respected academic scholars. Furthermore the time was right and the financial aid was sufficient (stay tuned...), so why the hell not spend a year in India? Alas here I am and having a blast.
Interests: rock climbing, trekking, running, sketching, photography, yada, yada, yada...