This is the in/famous Pucutti (with his older brother Aanath trying to pull down his pants). Pucutti is a total wild child, loose cannon, etc. I like to pick him up and spin him around; he's that kind of friend. We'll exchange funny faces and laugh. Hanging out with my neighborhood friends usually amounts to watching Pucutti. He's pretty entertaining, but he's also kind of a nightmare. He periodically he freaks out and get really violent with his siblings or will cry hysterically and run home. I've been told that whenever teachers scold him at school he retaliates by peeing in the classroom. I haven't seen him do it, but from what I understand he's also in the habit of waking up very early in the morning and going back to sleep on the road in front of his house. Look how cute he is! You gotta love him.