This is Chinna Swami. The w is silent. Actually the w is not in his name at all, I just saved a file that way somewhere while working on this 12th week of the Ryanayana Digital Photo Extravaganza and decided to spell his name wrong whenever I had to spell it rather than fixing it from the start. If you want to say hello to Chinna Swami, say "Hello Chinna Sami" or he won't know you're talking to him.
Chinna Swami is Tarama's sidekick. Chinna Swami doesn't have the slickness or the self-confidence of his dance master, and frankly stated Chinna Swami has less slickiness and self-confidence than average, but the young man has a good heart.
Speaking of Chinna Swami and hearts, Chinna Swami took Ron and I to see a Tamil movie with a translated title of "To Touch a Girl's Heart…" It was an action movie with a love story. A boy and girl fall in love in medical school but when the boys fails to stop the girl's unwanted wedding on time and the girl's sister hangs herself the girl blames the boy. The girl assumes responsibility for the now dead sister's daughter and it's not until the boy, now an accomplished heart surgeon, saves the daughter's life in surgery does the girl stop holding a grudge against the boy for being late to break up the unwanted wedding and therefore responsible, in the girls mind, for her sister hanging herself. They fall in love again and I don't remember but probably get married at the end. At one point in the film the boy beats up the entire medical school with a crow bar. The actor who plays the boy is a very good dancer. I am told that when Michael Jackson came to India a couple of years ago the actor/dancer who played the boy asked Michael Jackson if he could dance with him in a performance and Michael Jackson said no.