Howdy! This is a message from your friend Ryan Germick. I'll be spending the greater portion of the coming year in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India as I participate in the University of Wisconsin's College Year in India Program. 
 One goal that I've set for myself is to create a project called The Ryanayana. Have you ever heard of the Hindu epic The Ramayana? Well, instead of being the journey of Rama, The Ryanayana will be centered around the adventures and imagination of yours truly, Ryan Germick.
 Phase one of The Ryanayana is The Digital Photo Extravaganza. Every week I plan to upload 10 or so pictures onto the web (with occasional commentary for some added spice) with the snazzy Sony Digital Mavica Camera that my Pop's girlfriend Bo surprised me with before I left the U.S. That way folks who want to see a little bit of what I've been seeing can access my photo journal of sorts in the comfort of their own homes, or on their boss' time, or wherever an internet connection can be found.
 I'm really happy to share and this technology makes it pretty easy. I don't have to worry about finding a scanner, and I can wait to get all my old school film developed in the States so I won't be stressing that some local photo developing outpost / dirt stand will muck up my negatives. Pretty much all I need is my space-aged picture machine and a running computer.
 Another motivating factor for me to do The Ryanayana Digital Photo Extravaganza is to overcome the guilt I have toting around such a very expensive gizmo that I didn't pay a rupee for. Reflecting on the notion that strapped around my neck is a camera that costs more than many hardworking Indians earn in a year, really makes me want to use it for some good. Plus, it's a way to say thank you to Bo for hooking me up with such cool toy. (Thank you!)
 All that having been written, I hope you enjoy The Ryanayana Digital Photo Extravaganza. I tried to keep the file sizes small so that none of the pages take too long to download, but my best advice is to say a prayer to the computer gods and hope for the best. 
Loads of love, 
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